A new patented, convenient, private and safe way to perform transactions, including payment of merchants or beneficiaries via EFT from mobile apps or text menus.

2D Transact is a globally patented system (also described as a mechanism of intelligent transaction control) developed in the financial industry to primarily secure and simplify transactions in two distinct ways, firstly to customers of banks and other value stores by providing the bank’s customers the ability to safely and conveniently make card-less EFT payments and other types of transactions on the go from within their existing mobile bank application through quick and simple interactive user responses (“scan to pay or type to pay”) to transaction codes presented by merchants and, secondly to provide merchants with an innovative risk free method to collect payments by EFT from customers and in the same process gain access to a new innovative and intelligent way of selling goods and services to customers by setting the 2D transaction attributes when they request a transaction code for the customers to pay.

Our core value proposition


We lower payment cost, keep user interactions private and secure, Include and enable all levels of society to transact, pay via EFT or push value to merchants or beneficiaries on the go.

When Banks, e-Wallet operators and other value store institutes make available the 2D Transact functionality to their customers by exposing a simple menu within their existing mobile and Internet apps then those customers can conveniently, safely and privately transact and initiate push payment to beneficiaries or merchants from any type of interface, smart phone or low-tech USSD banking menu that exposes the 2D menu option to them at any given time.

We secure, simplify and enable anybody to perform electronic funds transfers (EFT) quickly.

The 2D Transact system eliminates the need for customers to create beneficiaries when they want to pay them. Customers simply scan 2D Transact QR codes or type them using the apps or USSD menus and the EFT is made to the beneficiary detail that is associated with the code. Seamless and convenient. It also eliminates the possibility for fraudulent payment beneficiaries to be created from customer banking profiles or accounts.

We enable many types of transactions other than payment and share the value chain

If a financial institution implements 2D Transact they could effectively enable their customers to make use of the 2D option for much more than just pushing a payment to beneficiaries. The initial integration opens a world of other transaction types like transfers, deposits, withdrawals, authorizations for debit orders, permissions to access information, subscriptions, voting, competitions and the list goes on. Different transaction types invoke different fees and the institute shares in all of them not just the transaction of payment.

Financial inclusion for all customers banked or unbanked

With the 2D Transaction option made available inside mobile applications and text-based menus all of society, banked or not banked could be financially included simultaneously.

Same user journey for users of all levels of mobile technology

The 2D Transact mechanism enables users of any mobile phone type to follow the same journey to participate in mobile payments by simplifying and securing the transactions and using a simple EFT process to settle beneficiaries.

A single Integration gives access to multiple transaction types

Merchants and beneficiaries can create various different types of complex, attribute or behavioral-based transactions through a single API request to which all 2D enabled users can respond simultaneously.

Simple user journey – effective push payment including smart phone apps and text based account access menus (*USSD#)