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Request-and-respond transactions with intelligence.

A regional REST API that enables transaction requests & responses

A patented transaction process to add intelligent functionality to a Request to Pay and other request-and-respond-type of transaction processes. It uses attributes in the request part of the transaction and as a result produce a number of groundbreaking features and benefits.

Intelligent functionality – HIPAA compliant anonymous transaction responses.

2:08 Duration

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Financial Institutes Wallet Operators Loyalty Providers Payment companies Administrators & More

Integrate with the API for quick adoption.

  • Scan to pay
  • Type to pay
  • Tap to pay
  • Bio-metric pay
  • All of above to approve

Quick API Integration

Quickly enable your merchant apps or POS devices as well as any payer community app through simple API integration.

Intelligent Functionality

Adding attributes and automation to the request process creates complex and intelligent transactions.

Complete Anonymity

Payers respond from their financial or other enabled apps and their identity is never needed at the point of transaction. Requests are responder independent.

Approval Required

Specific attributes in the request process are implemented to handle transactions where approval is required from someone in person.

In-app responder experience.

  • Existing apps & interfaces integrate with API
  • Merchant & Payer communities alike
  • Non-intrusive
  • Currency agnostic – works with any type of value store
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Pay by 2D Informal markets

Create loyal customers that love your brand

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Customer confidence

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Rapidly onboard merchants

Rapidly onboard merchants

Rapidly onboard merchants

Rapidly onboard merchants

Rapidly onboard merchants

Frequently asked questions

What does Request to Pay mean?

Request to Pay describes the process when a merchant, device, software or person initiates a request to receive payment for a particular transaction. It is usually associated with instant payments or pushing of payments where no card or card payment is involved

Is it easy to use?

Yes! For payers (responders), your app owners (bank or institution) will just do a simple integration with the API and present you with a menu to use the Pay by 2D option and so also the merchants with their apps or POS devices to initiate requests.

How much does it cost?

For the payer / responder their app owners (banks, MNO’s & others) might charge for the service, but generally it is free for the responders. The merchants (Requestor) performing the request will pay a small transaction fee between 0.5 and 2% in most cases.