Questions & Answers

Why is 2D Transact such a talked about topic?

It is a new kid on the block! The 2D Transact mechanism is a new globally patented system that provides one of the safest and most convenient ways to make a payment without the need for a card or cash. The payment process is effectively a quick and safe wire transfer instruction you perform from inside your bank app to the party that presents you with a 2D transact code. The detail of the transaction, including the detail of the beneficiary to be paid, is already configured behind the 2D Transaction code you scan or type in whilst performing the payment, so no need for you to set up any detail of the person or company you want to pay. The whole payment process all happens within seconds.

What is even more interesting is the fact that you can use the very same 2D Transact process you use for making payment to also grant permission to 3rd parties, enter competitions, vote, transfer values, make withdrawals and deposits and even exchange goods or services between yourself and other parties.

Can I subscribe for 2D Transact directly?

NO. 2D Transact is only made available to you if your mobile app provider, your bank or other type of institution places the 2D Transact menu option inside their existing apps for you to access and use.

Do I need a credit card or debit card to make a payment?

NO. When your mobile app allows you to access and use the 2D Transact menu, you will conveniently make an EFT payment out to the person whom presented you with the 2D Transact code. You can make such payment from any type of account if your institution allows for it.

Is my personal information used or stored when using 2D Transact?

NO, absolutely not. When you scan or type in a 2D Transact code from your bank, wallet or other apps you never identify yourself or provide your PIN numbers to the merchants or entity that presents you with the 2D Transact code.

How safe is it to make a payment using 2D Transact?

Very Safe! In fact probably the safest payment you will make ever. You see, you are making a payment when you are already logged into your banking or other app, you do not identify yourself nor do you provide any of your information to the party you are paying. Besides the fact that your detail is never used or needed, the party you make payment to had to go through a verification process to be able to ask for a 2D Transact code and present it to you for payment, thus making it very difficult for someone to just create random 2D Transact codes for fraudulent payment purposes.

In which countries can I use the 2D Transact option to make payment?

It is determined by the adoption rate of banks and other institutions. You can help the adoption process by contacting your bank or institution to get in contact and integrate with the 2D Transact systems being deployed globally.